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     Our company is located in the village of Ziniūnai. It is 2 km to the south of Joniškis city, driving along the road Joniškis - Gruzdžiai. The joint stock company (JSC) “Ragtora” started its work in 2000. The company currently employs 24 people.
     At the moment the company is engaged in manufacturing of various products (headstones, staircases, fireplace finishes, windowsills, tabletops, tiles and pavement blocks), as well as cutting and selling the stone slabs of different thickness. We are making restored object details for restorers we are working with. The company sells its production not only in Lithuania but in other foreign countries as well.
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JoniĆ°kio raj. JoniĆ°kio sen.
ZiniĆ»nĆø k. LT - 84164
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